Timebeans online time tracking software provides tools that let you track your team's time on daily and weekly basis

Time tracking - made easy!

Flexible time tracking software lets you track your time as you work on daily and/or weekly basis. Using this online time tracking software, you can track your time to specific clients, projects and tasks simultaneously. Determine the productivity pattern of your team and identify opportunities for improvements. Users just log in and use without needing to install anything on their computers. Timebeans timesheets are simple and easy to use with no training required for general users.

The automatic population of projects and tasks relevant to the user just makes time entries more easy and fun to do. Plus, features like copy timesheets from previous weeks, ongoing weekly summary etc. take all the hurdles out of time recording.

timebeans time tracking

timebeans approval workflow

Smart approval workflows

Timebeans' smart yet flexible and easy to use approval workflow module allows to place a strong governance over the approval of project time and expenses. The non-managerial approver roles provide easy and quick approval of ongoing project time and expenses before client billing without getting involved in project finances. This stands in contrast to the managerial roles who have complete insights to project finances.

Timebeans allows managers to tag other employee(s) as approvers who can approve/reject project time and expenses on their behalf.

Powerful reporting

The comprehensive reporting module provide managers access to powerful reporting for all aspects of projects whether it be task management, spent time and expenses, employee time spent, unbilled amounts, billing, invoicing etc. The reports allow managers to view the ongoing cost (billed or unbilled) for projects from clients and team perspective. Quickly spot if a person is spending their time on the right things. The employee reports allows to pinpoint time tracking mistakes and anomalies by seeing how much each person tracked every day of the week. The timesheet period report quickly highlights who has not submitted the timesheet yet and whose timesheets are still pending approval.

Timebeans provides different category of reports based on the type of information on different aspects of the system. Access to these reports is strictly controlled through assigned roles.

timeneans reports

timebeans hourly rates

Multiple time rate categories

Timebeans allows project managers to choose what category of rates to apply on a project. It could be based on the team members involved in the project or based on a fixed project rate or even choose rates based on individual tasks. This flexibility allows the project managers to set appropriate and accurate hourly rates on a project and ensure the best returns for the time and efforts.

Timebeans even allows updating hourly rate models on the fly while the project is in the full flow and all calculations, reports etc. are automatically updated on the fly.