Timebeans powerful billing and invoicing software provides a smart billing solution

Turn your hours into bills

Timebeans offers a powerful online billing, time tracking software, and invoicing engine which is tightly integrated with the time and expense modules and at the same time flexible enough to handle adhoc amounts. Turn your hours into invoices and pull all the billable time and expenses that is approved but no yet billed to the client. Timebeans also offers the facility to adjust invoices by catering adhoc amounts. With a few clicks you can email the invoice to the client. The adjustment feature also lets you make explicit request to bring up previously billed items providing an ultimate control. The payment recording system lets you receive payments against invoices and keep a clear record of payment instruments and other details. Use this online time tracking and billing software to get a bird’s-eye view of all the invoices. Instantly find out which invoices are still open, which have received partial payments and send auto-generated reminders from Timebeans with clear mention of the remaining balance amount and due date. The system also let you specify taxes and discounts and automatically adjust the details for you.

Multiple billing options

The Timebeans online billing software let managers choose which hourly rate model they would like to use on a per project basis. It could be that you want to use the employee's individual hourly rates to bill hours to the client. Or you may like fixed project based hourly rates to be used for billing regardless of individual employee rates or you may even want to use hourly rates defined for individual tasks. Timebeans can handle all these different scenarios and will automatically generate invoices based on your chosen model.

Multiple rates

Timebeans also allows managers to revise hourly rates of employees, projects and tasks for even ongoing projects. This often happens during the life-cycle of projects — specially in long-term projects. Timebeans handles this scenario very well. The "Use Historical Billing Rate" feature calculates the accurate cost of tasks using the rates defined when the task was actually performed. Managers can disable this option to use the latest rate instead to calculate costs.

Real-time analysis

The billing and invoice reports display a real-time picture of billed and opened invoices and status of received payments.

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