Timebeans team management features provide great control at your team's time and expense management

Your team’s time, all in one place

Timebeans lets you find out in a quick glance how your team is doing: who is tracking time, what people are working on and what do they have in their plate. With the online employee time tracking software, you can easily keep track of the billable hours and if the team is working on the priority tasks. Pinpoint time tracking mistakes and anomalies by seeing how much each person tracked every day of the week. See which projects take up someone’s time, and if they’re working on something you might not expect. Each person’s report shows their time entries for every day of the week, so you can dig into the details of their work. Easily implement your own policies of Employee Timesheet like the minimum timesheet hours, the week start day, lock x-many previous and next timesheets, and determine the number of hours to be worked every day. Timebeans provides an easy way to team members to enter their task times in a week view on breakdown daily view.

Historical hourly rates

Timebeans allows managers to change hourly rates for employees and projects and automatically updates cost calculations accurately from the day of change.

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