You are in safe hands!

Security is at the heart of Timebeans infrastructure. Your data is stored in one of world's most advanced and secured data centres at Amazon Cloud (AWS). Strong safeguards are in place to help protect your privacy and dozens of compliance programs are managed in infrastructure. Below are some highlights of the security details:

  • Network application firewall capabilities provide complete access control.
  • Timebeans uses HTTPS for all data transfer from your computer to Timebeans servers which means that all communication is encrypted and secured.
  • A combination of services are used to implement a defence in depth strategy and thwart DDoS attacks. Services are designed with an automatic response to DDoS attacks that helps minimise the time to mitigate and reduce impact.
  • Encryption in transit with TLS across all usage.
  • Timebeans conduct security audits from time to time to ensure any vulnerabilities are quickly identified and fixed so that your data remains safe all the time.

Please browse here for more details on security:
Amazon (AWS) Security Details

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