Timebeans is free for small teams for an unlimited period. If you have a bigger team you can use the free version to explore Timebeans inside-out before making a decision to buy subscription. And even after buying subscription if you change your mind and decide not to continue, no problem. You are NOT locked-in to any contract and can cancel your subscription at any time. If you are on a monthly plan, its simple - just stop paying and your subscription will cancel automatically. If you are on an annual plan we will refund you based on the number of months remaining in your subscription year - plain and simple!

Put simple... we love Timebeans and work hard to make our customers love it as well. If for some reason you are not satisfied we will try our best to make you happy but if you decide not to continue - we will not keep your money and will do a refund of the remaining amount.

* 5% service charges will be deducted on the refunded amount.
* refund is available only for the Timebeans online edition. In-House (on-premises) edition do not qualify for refunds.

timebeans refund policy