Online project management software helps you manage your projects with ease

Be on top of your projects

Timebeans provides a simple and intuitive way to manage your projects and tasks. With the task and project time tracking option, employees can enter time and expenses only for those projects that they are part of. Timebeans lets you manage finances for your projects and requires no extensive training programs to implement. It proves effective and efficient as it cuts down a lot of unnecessary procedures required to manage accuracy of tasks in individual departments. All projects and tasks are tagged with customisable status workflows which reflect the accurate picture of the project state.

The Timebeans online project time tracking feature lets managers choose the project billing model they would like to use on the project. It could be that you want to use the employee's individual hourly rates to bill hours to the client. Or you may like fixed project based hourly rates to be used for billing regardless of individual employee rates or you may even want to use hourly rates defined for individual tasks. Timebeans can handle all these different scenarios and will automatically generate invoices based on your chosen model. Easy to use project and task management to help manage projects smoothly while controlling all aspects of the projects.

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