Track your expenses with ease

In addition to time tracking, Timebeans also works as an online expense tracking software. This means it lets your team record and track expenses, bringing time and expense approval under one roof. Just like how the project time goes through the approval system, the recorded expenses also follows the same approval cycle and are always in a particular state (pending approval, approved, billed, etc.). The expense view displays, which expenses are approved and which are still pending to be approved and which are already billed to the client.

Attach documents to expenses

You can attach documents to your expenses as evidence. Timebeans support attaching multiple type of documents to support your expense claims. Multiple documents can be attached to each expense and the approvers have access to your attached documents when reviewing.

Expense reporting

The powerful reporting module exposes different aspects of expense tracking in a convenient way and presents managers an accurate picture of the on-going project expenses. The tightly integrated billing module ensures that all billable expenses are collected and nothing is missed to be included in the invoices.

timebeans expense tracking