Why Tracking Expenses is Crucial to Managing Your Finances



There’s a reason people are so keen on getting e-statements: because bank statements let you know how much you’re spending, how much you’re exceeding your budget, and how much you need to cut down on. One statement becomes the ticket to managing your expenses and finances like a pro, keeping your financial position as stable as possible.  

Expense tracking software do the same thing—but on a much larger scale, in real-time, and for businesses instead of for individual people. 

And there’s much to be said for tracking expenses, especially when you’re running a business.  

Financial Awareness

You’ve probably heard of the popular understanding that people spend lesser when they use paper money—whereas they tend to spend more if they use cards. The idea is that cash is more concrete, and you can see it dwindling as you spend it. With cards, you’re spending air—and without an image or a reminder of the money that’s at stake, you’re bound to be more reckless about it. 

For businesses, similarly, it’s important that you have a good understanding of your financial expenses. Expense tracking helps you do just this: from the tiniest expenses to the giant missteps, you’ll know how to separate apples from oranges. You’ll have better opportunities to spend less and make more, especially if you look forward to building wealth.

Identifying Spending Issues

Are you exhausting your funds on the wrong things? Is whatever you’re spending money on producing results? Are you making more profits or sustaining more losses? Are your financial habits debilitating to your business?  

Avoiding a financial hangover, especially when you’re at the helm of a business empire, becomes easier with an expense tracking software. You’re able to identify the areas where you’re falling short better, and thus have a better chance of bettering your situation. 


For small businesses specifically, few things matter more than prudent budgeting. You have no chance of controlling or deciding how you’ll spend if you don’t know where you’re spending. Consistent expense tracking enables you to avoid getting into nasty debt situations and always keeps you on your hunches.

Additionally, you have a great opportunity of comparing against your previous spending—and the positive or destructive outcomes of that spending—your current position. In short, you’ll be able to have a peep at the bigger financial picture that can guide you toward business growth and expansion.

About Timebeans

A web-based expense tracking software, Timebeans, brings team records, time tracking, and expense tracking all under the same roof; providing you a holistic understanding of your business status.

The whole phenomenon being digitized, the software saves you time while tracking time for you, and helps you make expense-based decisions by providing all key expense-related information to you.

In other words, Timebeans keeps you updated with everything that matters about your business. If you feel like your business can also benefit from Timebeans, get in touch with them or give them a call at +1 214 329 9086.