Timebeans Host Address



When you signup for an online Timebeans subscription your timesheet website is setup with a default address which is something like "yourcompany.timebeans.com". This address is known as your timesheet's website host address or host name. If you want you can change this host address to point to your own domain (if you already have one) to be something like "timesheets.mycompany.com". This option is not available for the free account.

Please note: changing the host address/name to an incorrect value can make your timesheet website inaccessible.

This article assumes that you have already updated your DNS entries and have created a new CNAME recordset pointing your new hostname to the original hostname you got from Timebeans when you signed-up.

In order to change the hostname in Timebeans please login to Timebeans as an administrator and click on the "Settings" link in the top right section. On the settings page please select "Company".

Notice the Hostname field. Add a new value to the hostname as per instructions on the page and click save. The change will be immediate and any logged-in users will be automatically logged-out and all users must use the new address to login going forward.

Secured Access (SSL/HTTPS)

Security is a top priority for Timebeans and hence all client to server communication is always over HTTPS. Timebeans uses a SSL certificate that allows it to serve your timesheet site with HTTPS when it has the default host name/address i.e. "yourcompany.timebeans.com". If you are planning changing the hostname to your own sub-domain you have to provide Timebeans with the SSL certificate for your sub-domain that will be installed on the Timebeans server. It is highly recommended NOT to provide a wildcard SSL certificate rather only a specific sub-domain certificate.