Safety First: How Big Companies Can Keep Their Data Secure



Data protection has become the talk of the town ever since large corporations like Facebook and Quora faced serious data security scandals. Although, these big players are usually the ones to make headlines—the reality is that even small and mid-tier companies are not safe from cyberattacks. Sadly, these organizations don’t have the stamina to stay afloat after a serious data violation incident. 

Studies show the nearly 60 percent of small and mid-tier companies go out of business within the first 6 months of a cyberattack.

Data security is a must for all companies, regardless of their size and scope. Here are 3 tips big companies should keep in mind when it comes to data security.  

1. Know where data is stored

One of the most important elements of data security is having knowledge about what’s being stored and where. Once a company has identified its weak data flow points, it can take measures to protect it. For example, if there’s important information regarding a project or task completion status that’s being communicated via emails, companies can move that information onto an online time tracking tool that can keep all that data safe and unsusceptible to theft.

2. Use encryption across the board

Without encryption, a company cannot protect its sensitive data. Employees are constantly on the move, often working from remote locations. This leaves the company’s data and its associated devices at risk of loss or theft. From USBs, hard drives and phones—everything should be encrypted. It helps to have an internet-based time tracking tools like Timebeans in such cases because that reduces the risk of theft regardless of where you or your employees work from.

3. Protect data in the cloud

A lot of company data has now migrated to the cloud, thanks to growing efforts to digitize our work spaces. This means that cloud service providers are under pressure to keep their servers protected against outsider influence. One way you can prevent the hacking of your cloud data is simply to encrypt all the data you put in there.

Timebeans makes use of HTTPs to transfer all your computer data to its servers so your information is always secure and in an encrypted format. We also apply firewall onto your company’s network and conduct security audits from time to time—so your data is always safe with us! 
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