Installing a Timebeans license



Timebeans hosted (online) version is updated automatically as soon you purchase a new subscription from the Timebeans website.

For the In-House version (which you install on your own premises) you will receive the license through an email after your. The email will also contain a link on how to download your Timebeans software for installation on your premises. You must be a Timebeans administrator to install a license.

Please copy the license text from the email you have received and paste it to the new license section in Timebeans on the license page. To open the license page login to Timebeans as an administrator and click on the "Settings" link in the top-right section. On the settings page select the "Application License" link which will open the license page. The license page displays information about the current license and also allows to import new license.

Paste the license text from the email to the "New License" section. While copying and pasting please make sure no leading or trailing extra white spaces are copied.

Once pasted please click the "Update License" button. You will receive a message that the license has been successfully updated.