A Guide to Selecting the Right Time Tracking Software for Your Company



Time is a valuable commodity which – if lost – can never be regained. Therefore, it makes absolute sense for businesses to keep track of and make the best use of their time in order to ensure financial success. One of the most effective ways of managing time in today’s day and age is to make use of a time tracking software.

Time tracking software is valuable for businesses of all sizes because keeping track of projects leads to an increase in efficiency and better efficiency leads to success. Not only that, but according to a survey carried out by HR.com, 43% of employees admitted to exaggerating their work hours, something which can be identified and prevented with a time tracking software.

In this blog, we’ll be offering a small guide on how to select the right time tracking software for your company.

The Devices You Use

Time tracking software is made while keeping specific devices and platforms in mind. Some are made for iOS, whereas others for Windows, Android, or Mac. 

It’s important to consider the software’s functionality in relation to your work. If the nature of your business requires the employees to work from outside the office, it’ll be better to go for an app that’s made for Android or iOS.

However, if yours or the employees’ work is limited to the office, then a robust time tracking Mac or Windows app makes much more sense. Best of all, certain time tracking apps and software are entirely browser-based and do not require any sort of installation, introducing a new level of convenience.

The Nature of Your Work

To find the right time tracking software, you should first look at your workflow. Do you rely on project management apps? Does your business consist of developers that use development apps? How do you cooperate and communicate with your colleagues and clients?

If meeting deadlines is crucial for your work, it’s best to select software that enables you to compare and make estimates with the real-time tracked.  

The Budget You Have Available

Your budget will determine the quality of time tracking software you’ll use, but even top-tier solutions are relatively inexpensive and are affordable for even small businesses. Certain companies set a monthly or yearly rate whereas others fix the price based on the number of people that use the software.

It’s highly advisable to purchase time tracking software from companies that are willing to extend a refund policy and aren’t seeking to lock you into a contract.

These are a few considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right time tracking software. Fortunately for you, we’ve done a bit of research and after going over a number of suitable candidates, there’s one that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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