4 Reasons Why You Should Manage Your Projects with Timebeans



When it comes to business efficiency, transparency is the key to success. It’s important for project managers to be aware of the time spent by employees on particular tasks because it helps shape strategic decisions on workflow and team communications.

However, there are some super busy days when project managers don’t know what their employees are up to. A simple solution to stay in the loop with all your hard working employees is to invest in a time tracking tool—and not just the Excel sheet type, we’re talking about the highly efficient and powerful use of online time tracking software

At Timebeans, we take great pride in being able to provide project managers with in-depth information on not only just employee clock in and out times, but also on the way their team is functioning collectively!

Here are 4 main benefits of using Timebeans for your next team project!

1. Employee capacity

In large organizations, it’s near impossible to monitor the workload and performance of every single employee. However, in today’s competitive workplaces every single second matters. With Timebeans, you can get a bird’s eye view of the overall workflow and how productive each worker is! 

2. Monitor and estimate the time being spent on projects

Timebeans can provide managers with an easy tool to keep track of the time everyone spends on doing certain projects. It’s also highly customizable to your company’s needs; your employee’s performance can be tracked on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and even quarterly basis! 
So, Timebeans is essentially making your job easier! What’s more interesting is that you can also get an idea of how much more time it’ll take for your team to complete the project. It’s a win-win! 

3. Track the costs of your project

Each task has a different cost attached to it. The materials, technology and equipment are just one part of that cost. Most organizations have trouble figuring out the cost of labor. How much is an employee’s work on a particular task worth? With Timebeans, you can get an impartial report on your employee’s performance as well as any hidden costs that may have slipped your mind when assessing the overall worth of that project.

4. Bill clients and calculate payroll accurately

Timebeans can generate invoices with proper calculations that you can send to your clients for payments. This is a specifically useful feature for companies that charge their clients on a pro-rata basis. The same rule applies to generating payrolls for your employees! The online software also takes care of employees who are working overtime so resources are always distributed fairly!

Want to manage your next project with Timebeans? Just click on this link. No downloads or installations needed!